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  • 2020-08-19
The solar power carport is a system that combines photovoltaic power generation with a carport.
It can not only shelter vehicles from wind and rain, but also generate electricity by using
solar energy for electric vehicles charging, lighting and tie on the grid.
The system is built with almost no limitations and is very flexible and convenient.

*Performance Characteristics

*Simple structure, short production and supply cycle

*Universal standard parts,reduce maintenance and replacement costs

*Bolt connection, safe and convenient, easy to install

*Conformity, convenient packaging and transportation

*Continue to use after moving and disassembling

*Provides waterproof and non-waterproof solutions that can be customized

The TYPE-1 series PV carport has a slanting N-shape, giving it a light, smart, lively feel and a compact size.

The TYPE-2 series is an extension of the A series, with two-way parking, allowing investors to plan large parking lots
, thus saving more land area.

The TYPE-3 series solves the problem of large span with a double-column structure, and can provide
harbors for long models, such as buses and sightseeing cars.
In the case of the same size specifications,
the cost and stability of this structure is superior to other structural forms.

The TYPE-4, The construction can not be restricted by the size of parking,

there is no need to worry about scratching the column, more convenient, and higher cost .

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