Thailand's largest floating solar farm will be completed in June 2021

  • 2021-01-27

Solar energy is renewable clean energy, now the investment on solar energy are declining rapidly even its production cost has not changed much. The weakness of solar energy is the large area of land occupied by solar panels. This is regarded as the biggest obstacle in solar energy development investment. Therefore, energy experts have proposed measures to develop floating solar energy, which is to install solar panels in reservoirs.

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In 2019, approximately 12% of Thailand’s energy comes from sustainable energy. The Thai government hopes that initiatives such as floating solar farms can help Thailand increase its sustainable energy ratio to 37% by 2036.

In order to cooperate with the global implementation of the clean energy policy, the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Thailand plans to build four floating solar farms in different industrial areas. Now the first batch of solar panels for Thailand's first floating solar farm is in place, it is expected that this solar farm in Ubon Ratchathani will be completed in June this year and will become the latest local tourist attraction.

The Electric Power Authority of Thailand has installed the first batch of solar panels for the Xilindong Hydropower Station Dam Reservoir before. These solar panels are expected to generate 45MW of electricity.

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